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As you have played many of the Classis types f the game, in your childhood & now your are missing those days. But those days cannot come back in our life. There were most of our favorite games, that was of the java mobile phone. But now there are modern days, we are using a smartphone, many of the high graphic & amazing quality games available. Like Minecraft, GTA San Andreas, etc.

What is Happy Chick
Features of Happy Chick apk Emulator
Cloud Storage Area
Supports More Than 18 Environment or Console
Multiplayer Supports
Large Database of Games
Cloud Storage
LAN Support
One-Click To Play
Custom Gamepads Controller
No Any Bug Report
File Information
How to Download & install Happy Chick App
How to Games with Happy Chick Emulator
How Safe is?
Where to download Happy chick?
How to change the language?

But the enjoyment that was in with the old classic game we got, cannot be found in the modern games. So there are no Any type of time machine to go back to the past days. So in this situation, there is an awesome tool that can provide us past games enjoyment. The name of this tool is Happy Chick Emulator. Majority of the emulator is available on the internet but this one is of the best ever emulator to play a lot of old classic game.

What is the Happy Chick

It is a type of the classic games Emulator where we can download & play a lot of the classic games. In this emulator, you can get thousand of the games of a different variant. Happy Chick Support more than 18 different types of the gaming environment. These Includes MD, GBC FAB/MAME/MAME, NDS, GBA, PSP, PLUS, PS, FC (NES), SFC (SNEC) etc. You can play Play Station games on your Android & iOS Smartphone & also on the window PC.

Happy Chick Android provides a better gaming experience if your smartphone is of the 2GB RAM or more. However, you are not limited to play only the classic types of the game, you can play also big high graphics game like PubG Mobile, GTA, etc into it with the high & better user interface. There is also multiplayer user option that you can use to play the game with the friends & family at the same time. This app is available for the Android & iOS user as well as for the Windows PC. Support only these type of devices:

  • Android 4.0 or Up (It can be Smartphone, Tablet or the Android TV Box)
  • On the iOS, you can use this Emulator if your iPhone, iPad or iPad is compatible with the iOS 10.0 or up.
  • On the Window PC, it is compatible with the Operating System XP/7/8/10.


Here we will discuss the most important features of the Happy Chick Emulator as we noticed that it should be shared.

Cloud Storage Area

Cloud storage is one of the best features of this app. All the games that you are playing on this emulator will be store on their own cloud storage server of this emulator. You must need to have the account of their Cloud Storage. You can save all the games into the cloud storage 7 can synchronize again if you want. You can synchronize all the games data into the other devices by just login that account into the other devices. All Data will synchronize when you will be logged in. You do not need to worry about the loss of the saved games data. You can play the game from the same stage where you have left & saved it. It does not depend on which device is. Is it are the same one device or the new one.

Supports More Than 18 Environment or Console

As you have seen too much emulator in the market that can use to Play Android Apps or games. But the Happy Chick is one of the Best Emulator in the market that is supporting more than 18 playing consoles. Download game from the different console-like, Play Station, Nintendo, PPSSPP, GBA, GBC and other more.

Multiplayer Supports

Nowadays everyone is interested to play a game with friends & family. There is no anymore fun if we cannot enjoy the game with friends. So in this case, they provides the Multiplayer feature into their emulator so the user can enjoy with friends & family.

Large Database of Games

As you know this emulator has the thousand of games into it. So the developer has the target to provide the game according to every interest of the users. Like child type games, teenage type games, High-Quality games like Fifa, GTA, Pubg, etc that are mostly played by the young generation ages.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is one of the best features of this emulator, that you can save your interesting game at any stage at any time. If you have a mind to change your smartphone in the future, then cloud storage will help you to restore the save game data into the new one smartphone. You just need to have the Account into the emulator & everything will be get done.

LAN Support

If you did not have the internet or the Wifi connection then there will be an option for the Window PC user, that they can get benefit from the LAN feature. They can use it to play the game in multiplayer mode if you did not have the internet.

One-Click To Play

Most of the emulators did not support the multiple consoles, you need to first install any external software to integrate the console. Then you can get play another platform game into it. But in Happy Chick emulator, you did not need any type of the external software. There are 18 plus consoles that are integrated into this emulator that help us to play any platform game into it.

Custom Gamepads Controller

The game controller provides a better experience in gaming. If the Controller interface is not too much good, then we cannot enjoy the game. So in this case you have the option to create a Custom game controller, that can help in playing the game with a better interface.

No Any Bug Report

From the time of launch to the present, the user of the Happy Chick did not report any type of the bug.

File Information

File Namecom.xiaoji.emulator_v1.7.13-290
File Size60 MB
Last UpdateNov 3, 2020
Android Requirement4.0.3 or up

How to Download Install Happy Chick

First of all download the APK Package file from the Download above button that we shared. Now follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the File Manager or My Files, where you have downloaded & saved the APK Package file.
  • Tap on that file, and a Pop-up window will be get opened if you did not do the below setting.
    Tap on the Setting -> Mark Unkown Sources -> Allow it.
  • Now it will automatically redirect back to the installation window. Tap on the Install & now wait a moment until it gets finished.
  • When it gets to finish the installation you can open it can browse & play your favorite game.

How to Play games with Happy Chick Emulator

Playing games with the Happy chick emulator is not too much difficult, Just follow some below simple steps & start playing your favorite game on your Device

  1. Open the App, if you already have downloaded & installed it in your device. If did not then first download & install it.
  2. On the Homepage, you will get the different categories, find your favorite one category & choose the game that you like. After that click on the Download.
  3. Now the game will be downloaded to your Device from cloud storage database. If you are not getting download & facing the below options then tap on the Search for Download Resources.
  4. When the game gets installed, choose the gamepad controller that you will use while playing the game. If you want to choose the built-in gamepad then tap on the Search Gamesir & if want to create a custom one controller then tap on the Search Other.
  5. When it will be done, then you can start playing your game instantly.

You have successfully installed a game on your device. By following the same procedure you can install an unlimited amount of games on your device. But you must be stored in your device. When you will install the game it will consume the storage. You can use the OTG drive as an external drive in your Android Smartphone to download & play the game as much as you want. Because in the Emulator ou has the option to also install the games into the OTG Storage device.

Happy Chick Emulator for iOS

Download ipa file of the Happy Chick ios from the below-given button. If it showing the Pop message on your device then use Safari browser to start the download. It supports the ios 10.0 or higher, if your device is compatible with this iOS version then you can install & use this App on the iPad, iPod & on your iPhone.


We are going to answer you of all questions that are being asked from the many of user of this App.

How Safe is?

It is a type of emulator that is helpful for us to play classic games, and it has millions of user. It does not grab any data from your device. You can trust on this App & it is totally safe if you are downloading & using the official version of this app.

Where to download Happy chick?

You can download the Happy Chick from our website as we have mentioned the download option above in this post.

How to change the language?

To change the language you need to update it to the new version. The Change language option has been introduced with the v1.2.7 or up.

  • In many of the game there ae built-in option to change the language, you can change the language from them.
  • If you want to change the language into the emulator, then go to Settings, and from here change the preferred language.




1.7.1360MB4.0.3 and up03/11/2020
1.7.958MB4.0.3 and up06/09/2018
1.2.733.6MB4.0.3 and up06/09/2018 and up06/08/2018