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Many of the Android Apps & Games did not Run or get open if you did not have the rooted Android phone. To open them you just need a rooted android device. Now a question comes into your mind that how to root android phone. It is easy to Root the Android device with some simple steps without a PC. There are many of the tools & software available to free root Android phone. But now here we will share with you Android Application that is known as the King Root. It is a free Android App that can help to root the Mobile phone with one touch.

What is Root Android Phone
What is Kingroot APK
Features of Kingroot APK
Uninstall the Unwanted Built-in Apps
Can Improve the Battery Life
Block Background Running App
Block Ads
One Click Root
Titanium Full Backup With Data
Advanced Customizations
No Data Loss
How to Install Kingroot apk
How to use Kingroot apk
Kingroot FAQ

What is the Root Android Phone?

The root is in-depth access on the Android Phone system, you can control the whole system of the Android Device if the mobile is rooted. Like if you want to remove or uninstall the Android System built-in applications, then if your devices are rooted then you can do it with some simple steps. I will also discuss this thing in depth how to uninstall Android built-in applications within some steps. You can Optimize the speed of your devices by uninstalling the Apps and can save more storage & battery energy.

What is KingRoot APK?

Kingroot is basically an Android Application that helps us to root any android phone without any effort. We did not need to run any type of scripts or code to root the device. With the help of it, we can root Android 7.0, 8.0, etc. There are many of the features of this kingroot app. As we can stop the running background Apps, which are consuming the mobile phone battery or Mobile Data etc.

It is one of the Best root apps. The procedure to root the device is simple you just need to tap on the blue root button after installing King Root App. After that, you need to wait a couple of seconds and everything will be done. We will discuss in depth about the complete procedure in steps that how to root my android phone. But one more thing I want to discuss with you is that you cannot root every type of Android Phone.

Warning: It is risky to use the Root Application, because it can harm your android device, we did not recommending you to use any Root apps, and we will not responsible for any kind of lost.

Kingroot apk Features

There are many of the features of this App Kingroot apk, but here we will discuss some most of the common features.

Uninstall the Unwanted Built-in Apps

One of the most important features of the king root apk is that you can uninstall the Android built-in System Apps, like on many of the Android devices, you have seen that they have the Chrome browser, Youtube, Twiter, etc built in installed in it. You can uninstall those Apps with the one click. There are many of the benefits of uninstalling unused or unwanted built-in apps. A lot of storage memory can be saved. Mobile speed will get optimized because the apps that are running in the background has been uninstalled. Too Much memory of the RAM will get free.

Can Improve the Battery Life

When you uninstall those Apps that are not in the use, the battery life gets to extend. Because many of the Apps are running in the background and consuming the battery. So if you uninstall those Apps with the help of Kingroot Apk then your Mobile battery life will be improved. But we will recommend you to do not uninstall the android system app, because it can harm your android device. If you did not want to use the feature of uninstalling the App then you can get benefit from the below one features.

Block Background Running App

As if you did not want to uninstall the system apps, due to some reason then you can use app blocking features, in the App blocking features of the King Root you can customize all apps & games and can stop them to did not run in the background. Because many of the Apps get to run in the background and start consuming the Mobile data, that is a bad thing. So with this feature, we can block those Apps, that we think it should be blocked in the Backend and only run when we will open them.

This feature of the Kingroot for Android can also help in boosting the speed of the smartphone because of those Apps that are running in the background and consuming a lot of memory of RAM has been blocked and cannot run in the background. So the memory of the RAM get free and will help in Optimizing Android Mobile Speed.

Block Ads

Many of the Free Apps & Games contain annoying ads, whenever you play the games or open the App. You see many of the Pop-ups ads coming, that destroying the user interface. As you are using the Free Apps, the developer of these apps put the ads into it because by this way they generating the revenue from their own apps. So in some case, it is a good thing because they do hard work to build this app so they have the rights and can use the ads into the app to generate revenue. If you are not interested in the ads, then you can use the Ads Block feature of this App to block any type of ads.

One Click Root

As if you do the Mobile Root with the PC then it will be a bit difficult. Because some time we need to do some type of drivers or some other things into the PC to do the Android Mobile Root. but with the help of King Root App, we can be done this work with one click. We do not need to do too many steps. Just need to connect the Internet & Open the Kingroot app after that tap on the Root Auth, then the root process will be get started that’s all. When it gets completed to 100% then the root access will be granted.

Titanium Full Backup With Data

As you are using the many of the apps & games, but if you create a backup of your app with the titanium app, then you will get only the App Setup. If you install it again then previous data will not come back & you will lose it. So if your device is rooted and then you create the backup of your app or games then the Data will be also created as the backup. Whenever you reinstalled your App or game, then its data will also be get restored like logins detail, setting of the apps, etc.

Advanced Customizations

Whenever you root your Device with the King Root, then you get in-depth control of your device. You now will be the administrator of your Device Operating System. Because of all the restriction removed, and all security get break. You can customize your device according to your imaginations because now you get access to the hidden functions of the android. Custom version ROM can be installed into the rooted devices.

No Data Loss

As you are using the Kingroot App to root your android phone. You do not need to worry about your personal data like images, videos, document, etc. All these data will be not get affected when you root android phone.

How to Install Kingroot app

To install the King Root APK you need to first download the king root app from the above download button. When you get to download & save it into your File Manager then follow the below some steps.

  • As you have Downloaded & saved the apk file in your default file manager.
  • Go to the desired location where it is.
  • Tap on the apk file, a Pop window will get open like the below screenshots.
  • Tap on the Setting, the desired window will open scroll down the page and mark the “Unkown Source”
  • Now Go Back, Install window will get open.
  • Tap on the Install & Wait Few Moments.
  • If you getting this error while installing Kingroot follow the below more steps.
  • Scroll down this Pop-up window & find the option named as Install AnyWay.
  • When you tap on this installing will start again & will be completed within some moments.

How to use Kingroot

This app is not too much difficult to use. It is just a bit of game. You just need to follow some below steps of How to root with kingroot.

  • Open the App that you have installed in your Mobile.
  • A window will get open like this:
Root Android without PC
  • Your Mobile should be connected to the Mobile Data or with Wifi.
  • Tap on the Try TO ROOT, the processing of rooting the device will be get started. And will show it in percentages. When 100% get completed then you will get Root Successfully message on the screen.


There are many of the questions that come into the mind of the user related to the Kingroot so we are going to answer all of them.

Q: What does King Root do?

Ans: Basically it is a free Android device tool that helps us in an easy way to root android device with a quick & easy method. No need any type of programming, it is just a one click method to root android.

Q: How to root without Kingroot?

Ans: There are many of the paid tools also available instead of this App, you can use them. Also, there are many of the method available on the internet to root android with PC.

Q: How Does King Root Work?

Ans: This application has built-in root files. When you use this app to root the mobile phone, then it just copies the files from their own system and installs them into your device.

Q: How to Download King Root:

Ans: To Download Kingroot just scroll up this page and you will find the Download option. Just Click on that & your file starts downloading.

Q: How to uninstall Kingroot?

Ans: This is one of the most common questions that comes into many of the users of it. How to uninstall Kingroot or unroot Kingroot. It is quite easy you do not need to worry about it. You can uninstall it and can unroot.

  • Go to the Kingroot App
  • Open the side Menu
  • Go to the Settings
  • Select the Remove Root Permission or It can be named as Unroot.
  • Now the unrooting process will begin, you just need to wait. During this process your device might be restarted you do not need to worry about it. When it gets completed you will get the confirmation notifications.

As now your device is unrooted, now you can uninstall this app, just by going to the Mobile Settings -> Application Manager -> Kingroot -> Uninstall.

It will be get uninstalled from your device within seconds.

Final Words:

Thousand of the Apps & Games, are coming & updating on a daily base. But many of the Apps cannot run without the root permission or you can get only limited benefit from the app. So, if your device is rooted then you can play with those apps with completely & can get the benefit as much as you want. To Root the device this is the best one chosen app for you. So do not need to worry about how to root android phone. Just Download this App & root your phone with one click.



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