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Dec 29, 2020
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The Latest Version of the Pokemon Go APK has introduced the Trading and the Social features, that help the Trainer to connect with the Social Media Friends. By using these features you can send gifts to friends and also you can participate in the friendship level system.

Pokemon Go Apk
Pokemon Go Apk Game Requirement
File Information
Download Pokemon Go Game APK
How to Install Pokemon Go APK

Now you can join the pokemon trainers across the whole world. And Can explore the new Pokemon world around them. It is a top android playing game, that has been downloaded about 800 million times. And Also this game gets the Best Game of the Year Award from the TechCrunch.

Pokemon Go Apk

Most of the Pokemon Go Appear at the Native Places. Pokemon can visit the Pokestops and also the Gyms. In this Version, there are also new Pokemon like Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many more other Pokemon have been discovered. When you go out there you need to find them and As you walk and when any pokemon go come near to your pokemon then your Smartphone will vibrate. Then you need to leave to be active at that time. You can take Aim on that and can throw a Poke Ball to attack it, or you can wait for it to might get away.

You can go to the interesting places like the museum, Art installation Historical Markers or Monuments to stock up the different Poke Ball and the Helpful items.

Time by time when you get Level  UP, you will be able to get them too much powerful pokemon. You can add up the collection of the pokemon eggs at a different place on the distance you walk. Choose the buddy of the Pokemon that will help you to catch the candy and help you to make the more stronger.

You will Join only the one team and battle from three of them for ownership of the Gyms at your side with you Pokemon. You can battle Together to defeat the Gyms and can assign the Pokemon their to defend the GYM against all comers.

To defeat the Raid Bosses (Big Boss), you need to cooperate with the UP to 40 pokemon Go trainers. If you get succeed in defeating the Raid Boss then you will have the chance to get an extra powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Apk Game Requirement

  • This Game is only optimized for the Smartphone Not Tablet.
  • You can Run this game only on those devices that are compatible with 2GB RAM or more and have the Android Version 4.4 or more.
  • To Play this game you must have an internet connection, Should be mobile data or wifi.

File Information

File NamePokemon Go
Size110.59 MB
Last UpdateDec 29, 2020
Android Requirement 5.0 or up

Download Pokemon Go Game APK

Download the Pokemon Go from the below link.

Download Pokemon Go Mod

How to Install Pokemon Go APK

To install the Pokemon Go game you need to follow the below steps:

  • Before to install pokemon go file you download from the APK Bulk you need to make some setting on your phone.
  • Go to the MenuSettingsSecurity > and check (Tick Mark) Unknown Source to allow your phone install the any APK File you download from our website.
  • Now go back to the desire where you save the Pokemon Go APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file & Install it.
  • After Installation Complete you can play the Game.



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